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Our innovations

We are always endeavoured to fulfill our customer's requirements. To guarantee this we develop new concepts and products for various applications. We are happy to present them to you on this page. 



The newest machine from Fichter formtec GmbH allows to process bulky parts with long attached cables and/or flanges. The on-the-face slot makes it easy to insert long cables without any threading.  


Flyer SF25CNCopen
Short description of SF25CNCopen

 2. Test production with a machine  

You have parts which should be processed on trial? You don't know yet, if the investment of a rolling or crimping unit does meet your requirements?

In this case we offer you the option, boroughing two maximum three months one of our machines at your plant. You will be trained in using the machine by our special trained personel. Therefore, you will get the impression of how our machines are working.

Contact us for further information!


3. Development of a unique moulding contour

At the beginning of a project it is clear, which parts must be joined and which requirements the result must fulfill. If the moudling contour of the tool realises these requirements is not easly ensured.

Therefore, we offer our customers the development of a unique moulding contour. Together with us we develop specific tools, do trials with your sample parts and evaluate, based on your knowledge, the best moudling contour.


4. Digital outside micrometer with product specific attachments   

It is often important to verify processed parts lying in the tolerance quickly and easily. But with a customary calliper it is not always exact. 

In such cases you could use our digital outside micrometers with product specific attachements. With them you will be able to measure the final diameter up to an accuracy of ±0,01mm.